By leveraging existing infrastructure, Cognosos rapidly delivers Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) to health facilities like hospitals, enabling clinical and operations staff to locate needed equipment wherever it may be.
The result: higher equipment utilization, reduced rental expense, on-time preventative maintenance, and employees focused on their work instead of searching the building for missing equipment.

Common Challenges Faced by Healthcare Facilities

The ability to quickly locate medical equipment within a large healthcare facility is critical, driven by the need to meet patient needs or perform required preventive maintenance. Significant staff time is spent searching for equipment, which moves around the hospital and may even be hoarded by departments in anticipation of future needs.

Legacy RTLS technologies and services have failed to solve the problem of providing hospital-wide, real-time visibility to equipment location and status. Hospitals are faced with challenges that include:

  • Failed projects implementing legacy RTLS solutions, leaving staff to waste valuable time searching
  • Time-consuming and expensive installations of legacy solutions that require new cabling and the risky movement of ceiling tiles
  • Poor accuracy of RTLS solutions that rely on legacy technologies like RFID and Wi-Fi
  • The expense and effort to maintain legacy RTLS over time including training, battery maintenance, and expansion of coverage
  • Decisions to deploy RTLS on a departmental basis, leaving areas of the hospital uncovered

A Faster, Easier Path to Hospital-Wide RTLS

Cognosos leverages low-cost Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology that is becoming increasingly pervasive in hospitals to create a digital map of your facility. In fact, BLE beacons may already be present if you have a digital wayfinding system for visitors or if you have upgraded your lighting or Wi-Fi infrastructure recently. Within weeks you’ll be associating our equipment tags with your equipment and gaining visibility to both its location and status.

  • Leverage your existing beacons and digital hospital maps deployed by wayfinding solutions like Gozio Health
  • Get real-time, room level visibility to tagged equipment throughout the hospital
  • Define geofence zones for zonal asset tracking and triggered alerts
  • Tap into advanced analytics to support monitoring par levels, rental equipment, and dwell times
  • Ensure preventative maintenance is completed efficiently and on-time

What Can You Expect with Cognosos?

  • A cost-effective RTLS system that you can easily deploy across your whole hospital
  • A solution that creates value immediately and drives real and significant return on investment
  • A cloud-based solution that easily integrates with other hospital applications and technologies through comprehensive RESTful APIs
  • A technology partner who will monitor and maintain the system for you, so you can focus on your patients and operations