To realize the true benefits of IoT, organizations need to navigate an enormously complex ecosystem and fragmented value chain. With many development hurdles to cross, typically it can take an average of two years to launch a new IoT solution while many projects are paralyzed by complexity and struggle to make it to market.

With the aim of cutting through this complexity to simplify IoT and increase its future potential, global leaders in module technology, Thales, and ubiquitous reliable global connectivity pioneer, Eseye, formed a strategic partnership in 2019 to deliver the world’s first family of pre-integrated modules that simplifies IoT device design, cloud connectivity and accelerates time-to-market.


The Intelligent Cloud Connect solution is the world’s first pre-integrated ‘zero-touch’ global IoT solution which provides a consistent, global ‘out-of-the-box’ experience for IoT devices that automates secure connectivity into hyper-scale cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The foundation of the solution is the ground-breaking Cinterion® PLS62-W Global IoT Module or Terminal paired with Eseye’s intelligent network switching AnyNet SIM for AWS.

It allows device and equipment manufacturers to develop a single IoT product SKU for any industry that can intelligently switch between over 700 mobile networks to provide near 100% global connectivity. The device behavior simplifies IoT deployment and automates global, secure connectivity into AWS IoT Core.

Features and benefits

The complexity of balancing bandwidth, data plans and negotiating multiple Mobile Network Operator (MNO) contracts is completely removed, providing customers with only one single bill for consumed MQTT messages, which can be conveniently purchased via the AWS marketplace.

The combined Thales and Eseye-AWS enabled IoT solution offers:

  • Integrated modules and connectivity – delivering predictable global connectivity with near 100% uptime.
  • Easy setup via Amazon AWS Marketplace.
  • Deploy a single SKU globally supporting cellular technologies.
  • Reduced device development timescales by over 75%.
  • Simplified MQTT AT commands for efficient design.
  • Zero-touch provisioning into AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Services.
  • Pre-integrated device security automatically deployed to the module with centralized policy management.
  • Single pane of glass management via AWS for entire global estate via AWS IoT Services.
  • Simplified connectivity billing via AWS Marketplace based on MQTT message, not Kbyte based data packages.

The Intelligent Cloud Connect solution simplifies the complex IoT value chain. It works globally, allows an out-of-the-box secure AWS integration and a single-source billing system. Thanks to the joint Eseye, AWS and Thales’ solution, IoT developers are provided with industry-unique expertise that paves the way for massive innovation.

Find out more about Intelligent Cloud Connect by downloading the Solution Paper.