Ida offers expert advice in areas of cow fertility, health and more!

Core Features

Heat Detection

Ida detects cows on heat with a high degree of accuracy for grazing and non-grazing environments. Customers using Ida’s heat detection see their overall heat detection rates increase by 20-30%, as well as improving first calving dates by 1 month.

Calving Predictions

Ida predicts when a cow is about to calve, providing farmers with a timely alert and advice when the time is right!


Ida can help reduce your herds antibiotic usage and detects a variety of health issues such as mastitis or ketosis, 24-48 hours before becoming apparent to a human. Health issues can also be narrowed down by using Ida’s diagnosis tool (see next feature).

Diagnosis tool

Through a short set of guided questions, successfully narrow down and diagnose ill cows with the assistance of Ida’s Diagnosis tools. For your temporary or new farm labor, the diagnosis tool helps them learn what to look out for!

Ask Ida

Formulate questions for measuring the impact of changes made to the farm. Use Ida to determine the impact of feed, bedding or operational changes.

Herd Insights

Ida also recognizes herd level behavior changes due to key factor changes, pushing valuable insights directly to the farmer, such as heat stress and its impact during hot summer months.


Farmers can perform their own internal benchmarking and analysis of the entire herd, as well as individual cows.