One of the biggest challenges for IoT solutions in Brazil is the ability to roam permanently. Brazilian laws are very protective and do not allow non-Brazilian IMSIs’ roaming to extend beyond 90 days. Other existing barriers, such as taxation, language, and culture, are also now removed, thanks to the new JT IoT Connect Brazil service.

This new addition, coupled with Nomad, our IoT connectivity management platform, gives you the most effective way to deploy your assets in Brazil and the rest of the world.

JT IoT has a unique solution that allows you to use:

One connectivity provider, one SIM, one platform, and national unrestricted access to all networks in Brazil.

All SIM Form Factors available
Roaming on all networks in Brazil
Asset connectivity management through JT IoT’s Nomad platform

Permanent roaming in Brazil
Centralised invoicing tailored for global IoT solutions
Consistent global connectivity management
Reduced time to market