One of the biggest challenges for IoT solutions in Brazil is the ability to roam permanently. Brazilian laws are very protective and do not allow non-Brazilian IMSIs’ roaming to extend beyond 90 days. Other existing barriers, such as taxation, language, and culture, are also now removed, thanks to the new JT IoT Connect Brazil service. With JT IoT’s Connect Brazil, you get access to one of the world’s largest markets. Connect Brazil utilizes our global telecom partnerships to provide high quality and uninterrupted IoT data connections throughout the country – so you can roam in Brazil with no restrictions.

JT IoT Connect Brazil enables IoT roaming without time restrictions. Through the partnership with local operators and connectivity management with our Nomad Connectivity Management Platform, we can connect your IoT assets through a single billing and support interface. Some of the key attributes of JT IoT Connect Brazil are:

Unique Roaming Capabilities, Restriction Free. JT IoT Connect Brazil provides IoT devices with unique connectivity, free from the typical 90-day roaming limitations. Using local partners in Brazil, we make it possible to connect to native operators from one SIM without splitting up your operations.

Reduce time to market. Partner with JT IoT Connect Brazil, and we’ll take the logistics out of your hands; we’ll negotiate with local MNOs, handle international taxes, and get the whole system up and running. Trust JT IoT’s industry experts to do all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your day-to-day operations.

Streamline your international expenses. Too often, international roaming creates complicated billing. But with JT IoT Connect Brazil, you’ll have easy access to centralized invoicing for all your IoT solutions. Bring disparate devices, connectivity and SIM cards together, and streamline all your global expenses. One bill, one platform, no roaming restrictions.

One connectivity provider, one SIM, one platform, and national unrestricted access to all networks in Brazil.