Tower mounted radio equipment such as a Gateway or Basestation with antenna requires special attention to ensure a long and trouble-free field life. A major threat to tower-mounted radio equipment is lightning strikes. Accordingly, they must be built to withstand Electromagnetic Interference. Lightning protection is essential for LoRaWAN gateways.

Since lightning is a repetitive statistical occurrence, these surge protection devices need to be designed and rated for multiple hits. All TEKTELIC Outdoor Gateway interfaces are specified for a minimum of 10 lightning strikes at the specified lightning current levels.

While it is first and foremost imperative that equipment survive a lightning strike, it is also desirable to have minimal disruption of network operation associated with an event. To this end, all TEKTELIC gateways also undergo testing to ensure a minimum of power disruption occurs as a result of power feed transients. Power transient testing covers voltage dropouts, swells, and spikes associated with lightning events.

Real-world deployments for IoT Gateways are subject to levels of Electromagnetic Interference far beyond anything specified in industry standards. The question “is lightning protection installed” is only the start. The equipment itself must be designed to survive such deployments with robust surge protection devices and grounding. TEKTELIC’s design heritage imparts a sound understanding of what is required and the associated design solutions for ensuring field reliable equipment.

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