Health organizations worldwide recommend that contact tracing can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Contact tracing with Losant allows for the private identification of potential exposure with giving organizations the data and direction they need.

Monitor Real-Time Contact with IoT

Create a Safe Environment for your Team with Contact Tracing.

  • Employ small tags that can be attached to people or objects
  • Log interactions with other tags to keep track of potential exposure
  • Record hundreds of interactions
  • Receive tracing reports and historical data
  • Enterprise owns all data
  • Data transmitted and stored with industry-standard multi-layered security
  • Anonymize personal information

Ensure Your Workplace and Employees are Safe

This IoT contact tracing solution works by employing small physical hardware tags powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), gateways, and the Losant Enterprise IoT platform. The tags keep a log of all other tags seen in real-time. The log syncs with teh cloud application when the tag passes by a gateway. Analytics are availble through Losant real-time dashboards or email reports. Authorized personne can download reports to determine potential exposure if necessary.

This solution was designed with some of the largest organizations in the world in mind. Bring piece of mind to your enterprise while capturing the data you need to implement recommended contact tracing guidelines.