Supercharge your predictive analytics applications with high-frequency machine data to diagnose, predict, and avoid failures on your manufacturing equipment. No sensors required.


Industrial IoT Platform for Machines

MachineMetrics has connected to thousands of machine tools, enabling our data scientists to build algorithms that can predict quality defects and extend tool life. Machine tool operators label data using the operator interface when tool failures or quality defects occur. Our ML/AI Algorithms detect patterns from the hundreds of data items collected from each machine that can detect these problems before they occur again and stop the machine before failure occurs.

  • Predict Tool Failure
  • Optimize Tool Usage
  • Quality Issue Alerting

Build Your Own

Use High Frequency Data at Scale

Accelerate your data science team’s predictive analytics with data immediately usable as inputs to time-series or machine learning models. Use tools such as Spark, R, and Python to develop algorithms that detect these failures. Deploy and manage your custom algorithms to analyze data at the edge that send alerts to factory workers or stop machines prior to equipment failure.

  • Build Your Own Algorithms
  • Deploy at the Edge
  • Automate Solutions

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