Plug-and-Play Remote Machine Monitoring

Collect data from any machine by connecting the MachineMetrics Edge to the ethernet port of the control. Software on the edge processes data from the machine in real-time and streams the data securely to the MachineMetrics cloud.

With MachineMetrics you have the ability to visualize machine production performance remotely and empower operators to meet production goals by identifying bottlenecks in real time for continuous production improvements.

Features and Benefits

  • Asset Management: View and manage the status of your machine assets from anywhere. Easily add new machines through the MachineMetrics IoT Platform interface.
  • Machine Utilization Monitoring: Visualize machine utilization by hour, shift, day, week, and month to analyze trends and uncover opportunities for improvements.
  • Real-Time Machine Conditions: Alert the right person at the right time when action needs to be taken. Track incidents through a workflow with reassignment, resolution, with full audit tracking.
  • Build KPI Dashboards: Visualize machine status and production efficiency in real-time with dashboards that include simple color-coded tiles.
  • Operator Views: Allow operators to add human-context to machine data with a touch screen interface mounted right at the machine tool.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Alert the right person at the right time when action needs to be taken. Track incidents through workflows with reassignment, resolution, and full audit tracking.

The MachineMetrics Difference

  • Quick to Deploy: Plug-and-play, simple to use, and easy to scale.
  • Data is Instantly Useable: Eliminates time-consuming data tag mapping.
  • Drive Immediate Value: Out-of-the-box apps with no initial development required.
  • Connects to Everything: Easily integrates machine data across your digital factory.
  • Deep Manufacturing Vertical Expertise: Provides necessary context to enable data actionability

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