Know where they are

Know the location of your bulls, pregnant cows, and other cattle. Never miss cattle during a muster event. Save time and money. Know that you can check your cattle, fences, and water anywhere, anytime.

Receive alerts

Get meaningful alerts and insights. Know when your cattle are out of bound or have stopped moving.

Digitalised paddocks

Digitalise your paddocks easily in the mOOvement portal. Know what is happening with GPS and insightful data on your cattle and set alerts for paddock rotations.

Data and insights

Using mOOvements data and insights you can make better management decisions. With the grazing patterns report, you can see how your cattle have been moving throughout your property.

Animal details

You can easily record information about the individual animal such as it’s age, if it’s been given any medication or vaccination, and when it last came to the yards. This information can be combined with your animals’ performance to identify patterns.