NFC Group works with farmers to create off the shelf and bespoke farm and livestock security and asset tracking monitoring and recovery solutions. Our Orion Data Network system feeds back real-time data on the health and security of your livestock and other valuable assets. This critical data benefits your farm by allowing you to protect and secure your rural business and home, raise productivity, automate to help combat labour shortages and attracting young farming talent through the use of modern technology.

Combating Risks to Farm Livestock

Monitor, Track, Secure and Recover

Rural crime currently costs UK farmers £39.2 million per annum. Even more worrying, the recovery rate for stolen assets and livestock in the Agricultural industry is one of the lowest at just 9%.

NFC Group creates farm asset monitoring, tracking, security and recovery solutions with Radio Frequency Identification, GPS and IoT technologies and real-time data feedback over our own Orion Data Network, which protect your farm land, livestock buildings and rural home from criminals, natural disasters and disease.

Beacon Mode for Precise, Fast Recovery

With Orion you can monitor the location and status of your assets 24/7 for security, predictive maintenance and increased productivity while reducing the reliance on manual labour. You can also secure your farm perimeter, individual fields, storage, outbuildings and farm house. If any equipment or livestock are stolen, you can utilise our hand-held RFID readers switched to beacon mode, to track the asset’s or livestock’s exact location, for faster recovery, increasing the opportunity to arrest and convict the perpetrators. All of our security and tracking solutions also act as a deterrent and preventative measure against damage and loss as well as a means of tracking and monitoring your assets.

Active Herd Solution

The ActiveHerd bolus implants are made from medical grade plastic and shaped like bullets for aerodynamic purposes and easy ingestion, so they can be quickly and easily positioned into the rumen of your cattle with a bolus gun. ActiveHerd monitors the temperature of each individual member of your herd, 24/7 taking into account normal temperature fluctuations such as when eating or drinking, moving around or sleeping.

This data is transmitted to the herd manager instantly via NFC group’s high speed, cloud-based Orion Data Network. If a cow’s temperature moves outside of the normal set parameters then the system sends an immediate alert to the farmer, cow herd manager or other farm hand responsible for them so they can take immediate action to remove the risk, treat the sick animal and solve the issue before disease spreads.