OPUS is a no-code industrial advanced analytics SaaS platform, assisting engineers, operators, and data scientists in a wide range of industries obtain critical predictive insights from their big data.

Our rapidly deployed no-code AI solution provides real-time insights relating to asset failures and future performance levels. It provides a holistic view of an enterprise or asset portfolio with the ability to monitor assets remotely. And helps to optimize operation processes by identifying unforeseen correlations and opportunity for improvements.

Industries that benefit:

  • Energy – Oil and Gas, Wind, Solar
  • Mining and Resources
  • Utilities and Water
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture and Aquaculture
  • Smart Cities
  • Facilities and Building Management

Unique Features:

  • Model assets, processes and problem statements without any programming or coding experience
  • ML Ops – models automatically update with real-time data and provide continuous future predictions
  • Scalable enterprise solution
  • Equipment and sensor agnostic
  • Time-series data, including out of order, linear and non-linear data
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Advanced visualisations
  • Auto data cleansing and processing

OPUS Benefits:

  • Reduce unplanned failures and implement planned interventions
  • Accurate maintenance scheduling with predictive maintenance insights
  • Optimize systems and processes to reduce consumption or energy usage, increase productivity or reduce manpower
  • Enable remote monitoring and centralised operations enterprise wide
  • Unlimited AI models and platform users