Property managers can now leverage IoT to facilitate connections between smart devices, Wi-Fi routers, and measuring equipment to automate critical tasks, improve customer (resident) experience, and minimize costs. Smart buildings and smart cities are on the rise around the world, so it’s time for all property experts to leverage Tantiv4’s expertise in IoT with automated solutions, which can be adapted with a single backend infrastructure for monitoring and operation, increasing their value. Additionally, property managers can use IoT automation and smart systems to track information like energy and water wastage and other important components in a resident’s day-to-day life. This can help to minimize costs for residents paying full package deals for their home, electricity, and other amenities.

With Shield IoT solutions, property managers can eliminate stresses associated with keeping track of their property and keeping their investments safe and up-to-date. At the same time, smart sensors and devices open the door to things like proactive and predictive maintenance. With IoT, the property managers of tomorrow will be able to not only get ahead of problems that may occur before becoming too significant but also minimize costs with sensors gathering information to identify property performance trends and make decisions based on real, actionable insights.