Sierra Wireless provides fleet tracking and management for companies whose fleets move between multiple suppliers, customers and manufacturers. By using the Internet of Things (IoT), our managed fleet tracking solutions wirelessly track vehicles virtually anywhere in the world.

Our Solution

Sierra Wireless managed solutions are fully-integrated from device to cloud to deliver accurate, timely visibility into the location of fleets and high-value assets. The specialized devices work seamlessly with applications, and all applications offer web-based interfaces that allow users to access information from PCs, tablets, or smartphones. Advanced analytics deliver reports and visualizations specifically designed for each vertical industry.

Sierra Wireless’ fleet tracking solutions include hardware, network, and software applications for remote fleet management, GPS tracking, mapping, display, reporting, geofencing and alerts.

Managed solutions for fleet tracking include:

Vehicle Fleet Tracking

Increased ROI, improved productivity, theft recovery and enhanced safety for employees and assets are just a few of the reasons companies deploy fleet tracking solutions. Better utilization of vehicles can reduce fleet size, saving on maintenance, operating, and replacement costs.

To Implement Fleet Tracking:

We provide professional services including installation and configuration, and we deploy tracking devices on your high-value assets. The devices monitor the asset’s critical metrics and send data to the application via cellular or satellite communication, depending on the devices and network implemented.

The application uses this data to manage fleets and present information via a friendly web interface that alerts logistics managers to potential problems, while an integrated mapping function makes it easy to visualize materials movement.

Fleet Tracking solutions tell users where their fleets are, how they’re doing, and when they will arrive. Ensuring asset visibility translates into enhanced productivity, decreased costs and losses, and increased revenue.

Solution Components

Our Fleet Tracking and management solutions are market-ready, turnkey and managed by Sierra Wireless for rapid installation, deployment and ROI. All solution components are seamlessly integrated, with no need for applications development because the software is user-configurable to meet each enterprise’s operational needs. See Connectivity Solutions


Sierra Wireless has a proven track record when it comes to implementing M2M solutions. With a network platform that delivers a comprehensive view of your deployment and strong relationships with leading wireless and satellite providers for worldwide coverage, you can be assured of robust, reliable connectivity for your asset tracking deployment.


Sierra Wireless manufactures, installs, and supports all fleet tracking IoT devices. The devices are built with reliability, scalability, and flexibility in mind. Our fleet tracking devices come with both wired and OBD harness configurations, depending on the needs of the user.


Driver Safety

Tracking technology can help improve driver safety by alerting fleet management systems to undesirable conduct on the road, such as speeding and rapid acceleration or deceleration.

Fuel Usage

Tracking fuel usage enables fleet owners to reduce their own costs, which is especially important given the volatile nature of gasoline prices. IoT connected tracking equipment can be especially useful when detecting excessive idling.

Loss and Theft

Fleet owners can reduce the cost of ownership and minimize shipping charges by tracking and monitoring trucks that carry expensive or commonly stolen cargo, such as electronics or pharmaceuticals. Awareness of the status and location of the cargo lessens the likelihood of the cargo or vehicle being damaged or stolen.