Stop juggling multiple carrier partners. Hologram Hyper lets you download new carriers and SIM profiles to your devices with a single click, optimizing coverage and costs even after devices are deployed in the field. We’ll focus on connectivity so you can focus on deployment.

What you can Expect from Hologram Hyper

Easy Connectivity Profile Management
Tailor coverage for devices by swapping cellular profiles over-the-air, without needing to change out hardware or SIMs.

Future-Proof EUICC-Capable SIMS
Our eUICC-capable SIMs can be remotely updated and are available in both triple cut card and MFF2 embedded form factors.

Global Carrier Network
Launch your fleet with Hologram Hyper and access our ever-expanding portfolio of connectivity partners.

Streamline Operations With a Single SKU Across Your Fleet

Simplify your supply chain using the same SIM card or embedded eSIM chip for every device, regardless of where it’s deployed.

With Hologram Hyper, the SIM hardware you install today can extend the life of your devices. Upgrade and optimize coverage down the line with over-the-air SIM updates.

Self-improving Coverage and Pricing

With Hyper’s flexibility, Hologram can tailor coverage, performance, and cost to meet your business goals. As Hologram adds new connectivity partners, you’ll get access to an ever-expanding portfolio of local carriers.

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