Yonomi is the simple smart home integration platform. Yonomi’s IoT Integration Platform is the fastest way to integrate smart devices into your property management, energy management, wellness, and insurance software applications such as locks, lights, and thermostats. We are an Allegion brand and the integration partner of choice for Schlage locks

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Build amazing experiences for the smart home.
The Yonomi platform gives you all the tools you need to build and scale apps, services, and connected devices that integrate with the greater smart home ecosystem. What you can create with those tools is limited only by your imagination.

The easiest way for users to link smart home devices to your app.
Implement Yonomi in your app or service to allow users to securely and seamlessly link their existing devices using their 3rd-party credentials. Apps like HomeLink Connect™ use Yonomi to support top brands of connected lightbulbs, switches, locks, sensors, thermostats, and more.

Simple APIs, standardized device types, and a powerful rules engine.
The Yonomi platform normalizes device types and traits so that a ‘light’ is always a ‘light’, and ‘on’ means ‘on’. Design smart home scenes and automations that just work no matter what brand of devices a user prefers.

Leverage our cloud to launch your own line of connected devices.
As experts in interoperability, we see how many great devices are held back by restrictive cloud vendors. Our fast, flexible cloud platform is used by companies like Schlage to launch and scale award-winning devices.