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5G, Edge, and Industrial IoT

New 5G networks will transform many industry domains in the next several years. From factory floors to healthcare, financial services and even entertainment, industries will enter an entirely new p...

Cloud & Telcos Partner up to Win the 5G Race

In the US, the race to 5G intensified as the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint was finally cleared and officially announced on April 1. While the three telecommunications providers (Verizon, AT&T,...

Ensuring Your IoT Deployment is 5G Ready and Capable

With the current pandemic liable to put many infrastructure plans on hold, this article looks at IoT connectivity solutions and plots a sustainable migration path to 5G IoT that delivers against th...

How Operators Can Navigate 5G and DevOps

Once implemented, a collaborative relationship between operator and telco vendor can be mutually beneficial for both parties in rapidly achieving the benefits of DevOps.

5 Reasons Your SMB Shouldn’t Upgrade to 5G Just Yet

Looking to upgrade your business to 5G? Is your business in a supportive 5G service area? How much time will you be using 5G realistically? Is the cost worth it? Consider these factors before you t...

What Are the Implications of Nokia WING Going 5G?

Nokia's Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING) solution and the 5G revolution will influence how software development services must step up to meet the demand of a world that’s changing.

How Will the Emergence of 5G Affect Federated Learning?

As both 5G and federated learning expand and intersect, there is room for potential security concerns.

The Role of WiFi in IoT

The role of Wi-Fi in the IoT space is often overlooked. Wi-Fi 6 brings new features such as target wait time which will help devices conserve power, and prevent channel contention. In this article ...

What Is CBRS and How Does It Help IoT?

One of the biggest barriers to IoT solutions in enterprise settings is reliable and low-cost wireless connectivity. Where Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRa, Zigbee and others have tried to solve the problem b...
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What Is Cellular IoT?

You might be unable to answer the question, "what is cellular IoT?" But I'm sure you're familiar with the underlying technology. Cellular networks connect your iPhone to Google...