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Image of two stuffed animals over a background with speech bubbles and volume icons

Talking to Toys

Toy IoT applications could breathe life into often-forgotten physical toys, especially as parents are increasingly limiting their children's screen time.

4 Pro Tips for First-Time Alexa Skill Developers

Last fall, I worked on three new voice experiences in partnership with Monumental Sports and Entertainment: The Capitals Skill, The Capitals Flash Briefing, and The Wizards Flash Briefing!You can ask Alexa about the Capitals’ score,...

Integrating Alexa Gadgets Into Your IoT & Home Automation Solutions

I'm fascinated by what might come from Alexa Gadgets Skill API. In September, we saw the announcement of Alexa Buttons. These buttons allow you to buzz in for game show-like experiences...

Alexa Skills Kit Tutorial – Building Custom Skills with Alexa

Amazon Echo was one of the best-selling products and most asked for gifts last holiday season. While these devices are undoubtedly popular, recent reports on AI-powered voice assistants show that once...