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How Enterprise Mobility is Being Influenced by AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence has touched almost every part of our lives that is influenced by enterprise mobility. AI combined with mobility has gone beyond the boundaries of time and distance.

E-Commerce and AI Working Together in a Post COVID19 World

Companies need to shift their focus to e-commerce and AI to find ways to increase customer value in new, creative ways during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shielding Frontline Health Workers with AI

This article explains how healthcare providers can apply AI’s diagnostic and logistical capabilities to create a protective buffer between emergency medical providers and COVID-19 patients.

How Covid19 is Accelerating Adoption of IoT in Construction

Construction sites around the world are reopening and the industry employs tens of thousands of employees. Industry leaders must take proactive steps to ensure sites are safe and best practices for...

The Role of AI in Shaping the Future of Mobile Application Development

Mobile app development trends evolve as mobile technology progresses. AI-powered mobile applications lead to an increase in user engagement resulting in memorable user experience and long-lasting c...

How is Coronavirus Making the Data Science & AI Field Reactive?

Even amidst million reports on coronavirus affecting the world adversely, there is one little ray of hope. The hope of data science and AI being into play to help predict and prevent the outbreak w...

10 Ways AI is Transforming the Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence is continuing to change customers' expectations and the buying process. From automated content recommendations to voice-enabled shopping and customer eye-tracking, companies...

How Do AI and Smart Automation Impact Modern Testing and QA?

Artificial Intelligence and Smart Automation have the potential to change how we test for and ensure quality assurance in automation.

The Growing Role Of IoT In COVID-19 Response

As the COVID-19 pandemic engulfs the world, IoT devices are being modified and deployed to support the healthcare sector to navigate through this crisis. This article includes a few examples of suc...

8 Helpful Everyday Examples of Artificial Intelligence

The article explores the incorporation of artificial intelligence into the technology we use every day, such as word processing software, ride-hailing apps, and e-banking. We start by breaking down...