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Completing Your Digital Business Transformation With GIS

What is GIS and how is it helping transform businesses and industries?

Safe and Smart: IoT Deployments in Banking

Digital transformation is enabling people and businesses to engage with others in new and exciting ways. But due to security and operational concerns, financial services providers have been typical...

How are Big Data and IoT Interrelated?

The relationship between big data and IoT is one of symbiosis, where seamless IoT connectivity and consequent big data capture and analysis can help enterprises in having a higher level of understa...

How is Health Surveillance Technology Changing the Way We Respond to a Global Pandemic?

As shown by the COVID-19 pandemic this year along with the history of virus outbreaks, it is more crucial than ever for advances in technology to prepare society against such global crisis. The inn...

Emerging Technologies in the Pandemic Crisis: 10 Use Cases and Future Outlook

How much easier would today's quarantine be if emerging technologies had already been widely adopted?

How Big Data and IoT Are Connected

Big Data and IoT are connected through a need for making sense of one another. They embrace connectivity, communication, and creating clear and actionable information for the end user. Whilst indep...

I Have Nothing to Hide, so Why Should I Care About Privacy?

Next installment in the smart city privacy series. Why is privacy so important and how does surveillance capitalism fit with the development of the smart city?
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5 Ways AI Can Make IoT More Intelligent

AI is conquering all the spheres of our modern world. Not all these changes are beneficial, so it’s important to step back and evaluate the effects.

IoT and Agile Framework: Partners in Efficacy

IoT can help Agile development teams to be more effective. The new traits that IoT can give to an Agile team include enhanced creativity and smoother internal collaborations.
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7 Big Data Influencers You Should Know

Marcus Borba, Ronald van Loon, Bernard Marr, Carla Gentry, Cindi Howson, Merv Adrian, and Doug Laney are seven big data experts to watch.