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What Happens When Blockchain Meets IoT?

Since the beginning of 2018, a few reports and articles predicting the next boom in the tech world mentioned that the Blockchain Internet of Things might be the next key development. Moreover, by 2...

Why BlockChain is the Next Big Thing In Cybersecurity

It’s no real surprise that blockchain is so often associated with cryptocurrency. After all, it was through Bitcoin that it first made its debut on the web - designed by an unknown individual or gr...

3 IoT Predictions for 2018

The Internet of Things is already altering the way we live in a multitude of ways, from the transformation of many business operations to the reshaping of how we drive and manage our homes. And con...

CryptoNets: Neural Networks for Encrypted Data

Previously, applying machine learning algorithms to encrypted data sets did not yield accurate results. But now, Microsoft Research has presented a neural network that is compatible with encrypted ...