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Creating a Compelling IoT Value Proposition & Business Model

The Internet of Things is rapidly changing how we interact with our customers and putting new demands on the enterprise. In order to compete, you need a strategic approach built on a solid, IoT-cen...
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Finding a Balance Between IoT Security Needs and Business Needs

The Internet of Things (IoT) or the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with software, sensors, and network connectivity which enable these objects to c...
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Business Models in the Age of IoT: Enabling Usage-Based Pricing

An IoT "Platform as a Product" (or "PaaP") framework enables you to build IoT products with usage-based pricing without paying PaaS fees to a provider.
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How New Technology Is Changing Business Models

Smart home business models are evolving rapidly through the development of new IoT products and services. New data processing paradigms are emerging.

5 “Dot Com” Lessons for IoT

Twenty years ago, the Internet created a gold rush of ideas, opportunities, and new businesses. The news was filled with stories of a new world to be built. Everybody had a billion dollar idea and ...
The IoT Subscription Model - Here to Stay or Going Away?

The IoT Subscription Model – Here to Stay or Going Away?

The subscription model makes sense from the business perspective, but as the Internet of Things continues to proliferate we might need a new model.
How to get started with IoT

How to Get Started with IoT and Generate Quick Returns on Your Investment

The best way to start on your IoT journey is with a small project that can generate immediate payback. If your organization’s leaders see that a small IoT investment pays off, they’ll be more willi...
How to Build a Recurring Revenue Service for IoT Products

How to Build a Recurring Revenue Service for IoT Products

These solutions, often built on a cloud-based infrastructure, create opportunities for new business models and value delivery methods. While many IoT solutions are sold as a “product”, many vendors...