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Automotive Audio analytics

Audio Analytics: Vital Technology for Autonomous Vehicles

Audio analytics is just one of many technologies that are enhancing the look, feel and functionality of autonomous vehicles.
The next killer app for IoT is Apps

React Native Framework: Crafting Intuitive Mobile Apps for Next-Gen Connected Cars

Explore how React Native differs from traditional native app development and the advantages of the technology in connected car mobile apps.

The Road Ahead for Connected Cars: Collaboration

Although the automotive industry has now broadly accepted the emerging C-V2X standard, there is still much work to be done to realize the benefits of connected cars.

How Is IoT Improving Transportation?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is spreading through every area of modern life. It's already everywhere in your home, and now it's moving out and into the streets. You'll start to see more IoT devices...

How Has IoT Completely Changed How We Sell Things?

IoT technology provides new methods and platforms for buying and selling goods. This drastically changes and influences sales and marketing.
A car on a colorful background

Why Connected Cars Are Better

Connected vehicle technology comes with various environmental and highway safety benefits. However, car dealers need to be tech-savvy, and it’s time consuming to develop a connected car.

IoT and the Race for the Car of the Future

Formula 1 teams are pioneering new IoT and data sharing technologies that will soon become features of the consumer's connected car. Through 5G and V2X (vehicle-to-everything), innovations that are...

AI Can Solve Our Driving Dependence — If We Don’t Mess It Up

Today, one only has to step out onto a New York street or fly over LA’s tangled highways to see the problems: auto-clogged roads, low-lying vehicle-fume smog, and barely-moving lines of single driv...
A car on a colorful background

What Are the Benefits of Driving a Connected Car?

IoT continues to march into our roads and cities, and the change is gaining momentum as the number of cars connected to the internet increases. Thankfully, there are numerous befits to driving a co...

Ways in Which IoT Is Improving Lives

The term Internet of Things is increasingly being used to define devices that specifically communicate with the local network, the internet, and each other, independent of human action. IoT is wear...
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