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Data visualization

How to Maximize Your Productivity Using Data Visualization

Data visualization fosters ease of understanding and engagement, two core determinants of workers’ efficiency in industrial production.
IoT stumbling blocks

Three Stumbling Blocks of IoT Data Compliance to Overcome

IoT players in regulated industries need to work out a stringent regulatory landscape for comprehensive data collection to ensure compliance.
AI, AIoT, IoT, Digital Transformation

AI and IoT: Transforming Business

AI and IoT are two emerging technologies of the modern world that will not replace humans but automate mundane tasks and allow management to make informed moves with zero error.
Marketing, IoT

How the Internet of Things Impacts Marketing: 5 Things You Should Know

As IoT impacts marketing, here are five things to know to improve the customer experience.
Data, covid, IoT

Data Pandemic: How the COVID-19 Crisis Exposed a Critical Weakness in the Nation’s Data...

Without better data pipelines, we can expect that our future responses to pandemics, such as the Coronavirus and other disasters, may also be disasters in their own right.

What is the Difference Between AI, ML, and Deep Learning?

Learn the difference between Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning.
Healthcare, IoT, Haven

Enterprise Category Theory: How the Haven Failure Is Not Isolated To Healthcare

Most companies are already using data integration, but poorly. Businesses are now taking advantage of Enterprise Category Theory for quick and effective data integration using advanced AI.
IoT, Edge, Platform

7 Must-Have Features of an Edge IoT Platform

How do you choose the IoT Platform that's right for your business? Here's a quick list of 7 must-have features.
COVID-19, Social Distance, IoT

How IoT Helps Maintain Social Distancing

Here's how IoT helps to maintain social distancing during COVID-19, whether working, playing, or traveling.
Great lakes, Smart, Platform, IoT

Smart IoT platform Measuring Great Lakes Data

By leveraging advanced technologies, non-profit GLOS is pushing the boundaries of traditional Great Lakes data harvesting with IoT.
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