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IoT Mobile App Development: Benefits, Challenges, and Impact

Integrating IoT with mobile applications can give your business the competitive edge that it needs to thrive in any dynamic market.
Smart factories

How IoT is Changing the Face of Factories Worldwide

Factory automation is generating valuable data around processes allowing IoT systems to improve processes intelligently and sustainably quickly.

How Does Cloud Computing Benefit the Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare is realizing the potential of cloud, see how cloud computing services can revolutionize healthcare solutions for better patient care, engagement and diagnosis.

How Covid19 is Accelerating Adoption of IoT in Construction

Construction sites around the world are reopening and the industry employs tens of thousands of employees. Industry leaders must take proactive steps to ensure sites are safe and best practices for...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Implementing IoT in Healthcare

Some key considerations you should keep in mind when preparing to implement IoT solutions in the healthcare industry.

Practical AI – A Serious Issue for Industrial IoT

As AI offers the opportunity to manage the vast volumes of data generated from IIoT, its underlying architecture must enforce security and enhance visibility, for IIoT designers to future-proof dep...

IoT Technology is Transforming the Agricultural Sector as we Know it

Global food demand is growing, and traditional agriculture simply can’t produce enough food to meet the world’s nutritional needs. IoT-driven agriculture could help farmers produce more high-qualit...

Sustainability Process Blueprint

The use of IoT devices to monitor metrics applicable to sustainability performance benchmarking. Essentially, a framework defined as a Sustainability Process Blueprint, where IoT devices remotely m...

Is Paris the City of the Future?

Paris has historically stood as a popular tourist destination and icon for romance, fashion, art, culture, and history. As city planners continue to integrate technology into Paris' urban infrastru...

I Have Nothing to Hide, so Why Should I Care About Privacy?

Next installment in the smart city privacy series. Why is privacy so important and how does surveillance capitalism fit with the development of the smart city?
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