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Designing and Prototyping for GPS-Based Outdoor Asset Tracking Solutions

Here are a few key user experience questions that designers should ask to best assess how to design an outdoor asset tracking IoT solution.

How eSIM Technology is Driving the Evolution of IoT Devices

eSIM technology is a perfect match for IoT devices, driving the evolution of IoT and offering improvements in security, design, and scalability of solutions.

Engineering Design Process: The Changing Role of Simulation and the Simulation Revolution

Engineering Simulation has grown into significant importance and is set for sustainable evolutionary growth in the design process.

Can AI In Web Design Improve Customer Experience?

The integration of AI in design is proving to be quite healthy for Customer Experience improvements and will be vital to the growth of businesses everywhere.

Design Thinking and IoT: 6 Personas of an IoT Solution

Using design thinking’s six personas, you can build a powerful tool to identify the needs of your IoT solutions.
The importance of the antenna in IoT product development

The Importance of the Antenna in IoT Product Development

The importance of an IoT product’s antenna cannot be overstated. This article discusses how antenna performance can shape the customer’s perception of a product and thereby influence a product’s su...

Top 3 Best Practices for Designing IoT Data Visualizations

Conveying large amounts of data quickly is key to great user experiences, these design practices will help you build user-friendly solutions.
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7 Challenges of IoT Software Development

IoT software development is an explosive minefield with more than a few issues along the road. The market requires high-quality solutions, scalable, robust, secure and user-friendly, and IoT develo...
Image of mannequins at a clothing store with a mockup of how augmented reality could show shoppers the cost of items easier

How IoT and AR Can Amplify Marketing Initiatives

Augmented reality (AR) is a way of superimposing helpful information onto a video feed of the real world. The potential for AR innovations to improve marketing outcomes is staggering. IoT and AR ca...
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Plug & Play Best Practices for Wireless IoT Deployments

Apple provides IoT solutions providers with a blueprint for creating truly plug-and-play products and services. They would do well to learn Apple's lessons.