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AI IoT and AIoT in Education

The Place for Artificial Intelligence in Education

As technology advances, so too will the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. The education industry will benefit from these advancements, but not without some challenges.

Utilizing Wireless Sensor Technology for Schools During COVID-19

Wireless sensor technology can help overburdened school officials during Coronavirus improve their safety and monitoring procedures quickly and cost-effectively.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the eLearning Environment

AI can revolutionize the education and eLearning industry by providing a new learning and development environment.

AI Remote Learning for Professionals

AI plays a significant role in enabling remote learning for professionals and will continue to influence remote education as more industries go digital.

IoT Security & Education: Toward a Secure Connected Campus?

Smarter devices can improve the interaction between students and teachers as well as provide more efficient learning in the education sector.

5 Ways the Internet of Things is Changing the Game for Education and Learning

The realm of education is no exception to the influence of IoT. Until recently, educational technology pivoted more or less around virtual conferencing and classrooms, online tutorials and similar ...
Image of two speech bubbles: one that says "xin chào," or "hello" in vietnamese and "wo ist die...," which is "where is the..." in German

IoT Applications in Task-Based and Foreign Language Learning

Welcome to the second article of our IoT Applications in Education series. In our introductory article, I gave a brief overview of why technology—and specifically the Internet of Things (IoT)—will...
A stack of books with an apple on top

Use of IoT in the Education Sector and Why It’s a Good Idea

It is, in fact, the internet, which is laying the foundation for the vast applications of IoT systems. However, education is one of the sectors where this technology is still in the infancy stages....

The Connected Classroom: How IoT Helps Schools with Education and Security

This article explores the IoT's role in classroom education and security. It focuses on how students and teachers can benefit from connected devices, as well as how schools can improve security wit...
A classroom using a smartboard to learn music

IoT in Education: The Smartboard

The evolution from chalkboards to whiteboards to projectors has a new dot on the timeline. Connected smartboards are another great tool to bring classroom education into the 21st century.