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Announcing The Things Virtual Conference – 24h Online LoRaWAN event

On 16th of April, The Things Conference goes online with a global 24h virtual event. Expect hands-on LoRaWAN workshops, device demonstrations, live coding sessions and AMAs with key people in the ecosystem.
Dive-In-Microservices-Patterns — Event-Processing

Microservices Patterns Part I :  Event Processing

"Event processing" is a model that allows you to decouple your microservices by using a message queue. Rather than connecting directly to a service, which may...

A System to Save Beluga Whales, the Fire Truck of the Future, and the...

As IoT continues to build momentum across the globe, IoT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC) is introducing new IoT innovations at their conference in Barcelona, Spain. The conference takes place from October...