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Should We Be Concerned About Our Children With IoT?

Privacy advocates have begun to raise red flags about how some cybercriminals could misuse data collected by connected toys for children.

How Smart Devices with Edge Analytics are Helping Business

Smart devices are becoming more widely used with edge analytics and Artificial Intelligence significantly improving business practices.
Facial recognition versus facial analysis

Facial Analysis: Facial Recognition’s Unknown Brother

Facial Recognition receives all the limelight. What people don't know is that Facial Analysis is just as powerful. Here are 3 positive ways businesses can use Facial Analysis.

Artificial Intelligence: The Next Front of the Fight Against Institutional Racism

In the wake of civil rights protests across the world, it's time to have a much-needed discussion on Artificial Intelligence racism in algorithms.

8 Artificial Intelligence Trends Transforming 2020

With automation and accurate data availability, all industries can thrive with AI applications. Here are 8 AI technologies transforming 2020.

Entering the New Age Through Touchless Access Control

Access control solutions are quickly evolving and changing thanks in large part to the Coronavirus pandemic. Workplaces and offices are increasingly searching for secure solutions that will help em...

Choosing a 3D Vision Camera

Overview The need for computer vision systems that can perceive and analyze three dimensional scenes will grow rapidly, driven by the need for machines to interact with the 3D world in real time. A...

A Practical Guide To Using Face Technology (Part I)

Overview In recent years, face technology is making its way into the mainstream. Advancements in Deep Neural Networks (DNN) and face scanning cameras greatly increase the accuracy of face detection...

Fooling Facial Recognition

In light of recent news from Apple, facial recognition technology is now the talk of the town. Ranging from privacy concerns to a curious boyfriend unlocking his girlfriend’s phone while she sleeps...