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IoT and Big Data: 6 Retail and Financial Services Trends to Watch Out For

The impact of the IoT industry in the past few years has been nothing short of impressive and the disruption IoT brings to the finance industry will be just as impactful.
The text 2020 and the backdrop of a skyline

2020 Insurance Trends: Big Data Meets Direct-to-Consumer

Big changes are afoot in the insurance and financial services industries, driven by data access and advanced analytics, creating fresh competitive energy.

How the Future of Banking Will Rely on IoT

Some banks are already enabling people to speak commands to Amazon or Google smart speakers and check their account balances or pay bills.

The Mindset and Insights IoT Needs From the Financial Services Industry

Financial services have been here for a long time and IoT can learn a lot of thing from it—especially FinTech security solutions. Look back to move forward.

4 Ways IoT Changes the Financial Services Industry

With 8.4 billion connected gadgets worldwide, the Internet of Things is no longer a Sci-Fi concept – it is the reality we live in. What’s more, IoT’s paradigm has recently shifted from cost reducti...