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IoT - The Great Innovation Enabler

IoT – The Great Innovation Enabler

Since the inception of IoT, it has changed our world. Read more about continuing IoT innovation and the future of these technologies.
Why is Digital Transformation So Difficult for Industrial Companies?

Why is Digital Transformation So Difficult for Industrial Companies?

Difficult digital transformation in industry is due to risk-averse culture and focus on incremental innovation.
arms linked leadership teamwork

Innovation & Digital Transformation: Band Together or Disappear

For companies to have the capability to innovate, they must innovate and digitally transform their businesses.
AI Manufacturing

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Impacts The Manufacturing Industry

As the manufacturing industry evolves, AI can provide a safer workplace, improve product quality and innovation, and better manage inventory.

CES 2019 Preview: 10 Must-See Products

CES typically brings up two emotions: excitement for the new products being displayed and dread for those of us who spend hours a day walking miles around the city of Las Vegas hoping to experience...

Building a $250 Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener for $100

My parents wanted to automate the door to their chicken coop. I saved them money by building a cheap automatic door opener from scratch.
Image of a statue on a connected smart phone

Here’s What a Smart Museum Could Look Like

The rapid rise of technology in real estate brings along a stream of valuable new opportunities to building owners. The results from the first wave of pilots are now demonstrating the value of upc...
City with connected lines signifying a smart city

How To Build a Holistic Smart City Architecture

Smart cities leverage the power of IoT to improve service delivery and optimize city infrastructure. Here, drivers don’t need to search for parking spots – they receive automatic notifications; wa...

5 Strategies for Getting Real Traction With Your IoT Startup

“Stop competing on credibility — be more interesting.” These are the words from Angel Investor, Paul Singh, that still ring in my ears after the Enterprise Rising conference in Minneapolis....

Smart Buildings: Unlocking the Value in People Analytics Data

The race is on. Who can use Smart Building Data in the smartest ways? We could struggle on our own, but there’s a mentor here to teach us. Let’s not waste any more time. A Bit of Background Over...
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