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edge computing and cloud computing

Edge Vs. Cloud Computing: Which Solution Is Better For Your Connected Device?

Choosing between computing on the cloud or on the edge is a decision that can impact things like your devices' cost or efficiency.
data silos in cities

How to Avoid IoT Silos in Cities

IoT innovations implemented in isolation can create silos, reducing the ability to scale and achieve maximum impact for cities.
mlops platform

Key Features of a Comprehensive MLOps Platform

A collaborative experience, modular architecture, emphasized optimization, and monitorization of models enable a human-first MLOps platform.
iot in aluminum industry

What are the Benefits of Using IoT in the Aluminum Industry?

Benefits of using IoT in aluminum manufacturing include low energy waste and utility costs through reduced electricity consumption.
energy harvesting and industrial iot

Energy Harvesting and IIoT: Sustainability for the Industrial Internet of Things

Wireless energy harvesting sensors are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications and offer greater sustainability for Industrial IoT.
5G & Sim-Based IoT

5G & Sim-Based IoT: Connectivity for Speed and Reliability

5G will change the landscape for SIM-based IoT, offer speed and reliability, and will allow the market to offer real service-level agreements.
azure v aws

Azure vs. AWS: Selecting a Cloud Provider for Your IoT Product

Azure and AWS have been expanding their services, so understanding the offerings and technical requirements for each of them is essential.
multi-imsi sim

What is a Multi-IMSI SIM?

Multi-IMSI technology is essential for cellular IoT providers that plan on deploying globally or creating mobile applications.
digital as-built in construction

Why a Digital As-Built Is a Superior Deliverable in Construction

Digital as-builts improve data transparency and stakeholder collaboration during construction, ensuring efficiency and asset management.
smart meters global market

Smart Meters: Going Global in a Fragmented Market

To achieve economies of scale, utilities companies and metering service providers will want to create standardized, global smart meter devices. 
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