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IoT for Education: Top 3 Ways IoT Can Enhance Learning for Students

Using IoT for education can help increase student engagement, create student-centered curriculums, and foster immersive language learning.

4 months ago

Connected Classrooms: 6 Examples of IoT in Education

IoT companies are disrupting education. From pen scanners to smart whiteboards, IoT in education is taking learning to the next…

1 year ago

An Introduction to IoT Applications in Education

Education represents the greatest way we can ensure our continued technological and cultural growth. By ensuring that the next generation…

2 years ago

5 Ways the Internet of Things is Changing the Game for Education and Learning

The realm of education is no exception to the influence of IoT. Until recently, educational technology pivoted more or less…

3 years ago

Use of IoT in the Education Sector and Why It’s a Good Idea

It is, in fact, the internet, which is laying the foundation for the vast applications of IoT systems. However, education…

3 years ago

The Connected Classroom: How IoT Helps Schools with Education and Security

This article explores the IoT's role in classroom education and security. It focuses on how students and teachers can benefit…

3 years ago

IoT in Education: The Smartboard

The evolution from chalkboards to whiteboards to projectors has a new dot on the timeline. Connected smartboards are another great…

3 years ago