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How the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act Impacts You

The IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act may make the infamously insecure world of IoT more secure through standards and by holding vendors accountable.

5G Vs. WiFi 6: What It Means for IoT in 2019

As WiFi 6 and 5G hit the market in 2019, debates like "5G WiFi 6 vs 5G" for IoT will intensify. But these two standards may be symbiotic after all.

5 IoT Predictions for 2019

Dave McCarthy's prediction is that 2019 should be an exciting year for IoT, as organizations continue to transform their businesses with the technology.
What are Smart Cities in 2019

What Makes a Smart City in 2019?

For cities to become more efficient, sustainable, and liveable, they need to become smarter. Smart cities use the Internet of Things to improve their infrastructure, utilities, buildings and more. Here are some innovative solutions revolutionizing the world’s smartest cities.

2019 Cloud and IoT Trends in the Industrial Products Market

As cloud services and solutions evolve, so does consumer demand. Increases are predicted once again for the coming new year, with public cloud platforms growing faster than private cloud...