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Creating a Compelling IoT Value Proposition & Business Model

The Internet of Things is rapidly changing how we interact with our customers and putting new demands on the enterprise. In order to compete, you need a strategic approach built on a solid, IoT-cen...

How Does IoT Work?

Understand how IoT works and why most IoT devices in the future will be connected with each other using a hyper decision framework.

Harnessing IoT at the Edge to Deliver the Autonomous Digital Enterprise of the Future

Organizations are turning to IoT and edge computing to accelerate business initiatives and deliver the autonomous digital enterprise of the future.

Small and Smart–Scandinavian Medium-Sized Cities Approach to IoT

When mentioning smart cities one often visualises, for instance, NYC, Singapore, Seoul etc. Actually, small and medium cities are not behind in this respect, and their customised approach can contr...

Understanding the Differences: M2M vs. IoT

Have you ever wondered what the differences were between M2M (machine-to-machine) and IoT (Internet of Things)? This article will dive into the intricate details of each.

What Impact Do IoT-Based Mobile Apps Have In Enhancing User Experience

The increased use of IoT has influenced developers and programmers to create mobile apps with an enhanced user experience.

How Big Data and IoT Are Connected

Big Data and IoT are connected through a need for making sense of one another. They embrace connectivity, communication, and creating clear and actionable information for the end user. Whilst indep...

The Importance of IoT Platforms Through the Eyes of an MVNO

The purpose of this article is to analyze the importance of an IoT platform through the perspective of an MVNO. Firstly, we have assessed the different types of IoT platforms and their specific req...
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What Is Cellular IoT?

You might be unable to answer the question, "what is cellular IoT?" But I'm sure you're familiar with the underlying technology. Cellular networks connect your iPhone to Google...
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How Connected Devices are Changing the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers are implementing Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices to leverage predictive maintenance, data analytics, and more.