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Google Cloud OnBoard

Insights from Google Cloud OnBoard

In the late 1990s, Apple unveiled a new marketing slogan, “Think Different.” It was meant to evoke ideas about non-conformity and creativity in an age of beige business PCs typically used for word ...

Amazon Working on First Wearable Device: Alexa-Powered Smart Glasses

Financial times reported today that Amazon is working on it's first ever wearable device - a pair of smart glasses. According to the report, the glasses will allow the user to connect to Amaz...

Concept For Smart Glasses That Can Control Devices Via Nose Gestures

Computer scientists from KAIST University in South Korea, Keio University in Japan, the University of St Andrews in Scotland and the Georgia Institute of Technology in the US have developed a conce...

Itron to Acquire Silver Spring Networks

Itron, a leading technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water, has signed an agreement to acquire all outstanding shares of Silver Spring Networks. The trans...
MWC Americas

MWC Americas – 3 Key Takeaways

Greetings from the city by the bay! The IoT For All crew attended the inaugural Mobile World Congress Americas / CTIA combo conference at Moscone Center and has boiled down several days and fifteen...

How to Plan an IoT Pilot Project – Execution Options

While there's a lot of information on the technology behind IoT, case studies, and visions of what it can do, there isn't a lot of practical content on what you need to get started today.

Virtual Reality Technology Hasn’t Really Arrived Yet

In my previous post VR & The Great Unbundling, I wrote how virtual reality technology threatens the last bastion of TV, namely escapism through immersion in a virtual world. I added onto Ben T...

Alexa Skills Kit Tutorial – Building Custom Skills with Alexa

Amazon Echo was one of the best-selling products and most asked for gifts last holiday season. While these devices are undoubtedly popular, recent reports on AI-powered voice assistants show that ...
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