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A mobile phone and an old phone keypad

IoT Use Cases in Telecom

Having already connected the vast majority of the world’s citizens with a wireless cellular connection, the telecom industry is naturally one of the largest potential players in the IoT...

Ondas Networks Announces Strategic Partnership with Telewave for Disaster Relief Market Expansion

Ondas Networks announced a new partnership with high-quality radio system equipment designer/manufacturer Telewave to expand the company’s networking solutions within the disaster relief market.Over the last few years, the disaster relief market has been seeing an increasing demand due to the number of natural and man-made disasters over the last few years. Telewave will offer the Ondas' FullMAX software defined radio (SDR) platform to its existing mission-critical customers, along with the Ondas Mobile Van, providing approximately 2,800 square miles of wide area data communications coverage using privately licensed radio frequencies.

Improving Infrastructure Reliability by Understanding IoT Dependencies

Currently, there is no standardized mechanism by which to determine dependencies in an IoT system. This article explores some example cases in which IoT sensors with this utility would be useful.

Creating the Internet of Everything

Skyhook presents a white paper that illustrates four key factors impacting IoT: hardware costs, network tech, location services, and cloud services.
Image of the words "Security + VPN" over binary code

How to Secure Your IoT Devices With a VPN

Every time you connect a device to the internet, whether it's a car or a security camera or a simple laptop, a plethora of security concerns arise. The connected device may...