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AI in logistics

Future Role of Artificial Intelligence in Logistics and Transportation

AI-powered systems will enable better customer experiences, improved fleet management, and better overall business margins in the transportation sector.
AIoT, Scaling, IoT

AIoT: Understanding The Pros and Applications of New-Gen Convergence

The combination of AI and IoT enhances industry performance by boosting scalability and propelling operational efficiency.

Industrial Internet of Things: When the Best of IT & OT Combine

Digital transformation technologies are taking a new shift with the advent of IIoT. Integration of new software technologies with OT and IT is key to success.
Industrial Automation and IIoT in Manufacturing

How Is Industrial IoT Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry?

Industrial IoT is an extension of IoT in the manufacturing industry, also commonly referred to as IIoT or Industry 4.0. IIoT connects machines and industrial equipment with a secure network and ena...

IoT: Powering Smart Solar Farms for Asset Management and Beyond

IoT has helped energy companies to manage their solar assets better, save costs, maintain assets better, and be more compliant.

Strengths of Employing Data Science in Healthcare

Employing data science in healthcare enables medical professionals to increase positive outcomes of treatments and build grounds for efficient communication.

Designing A New Standard for Worker Safety: UI for Industry IoT

Harnessing the potential of IoT devices via wearable technology for workers can translate to a better understanding of how to prevent work injury and reducing unergonomic motions.

The Role of AI in the Future of Business Intelligence

Today’s businesses leverage the power of Artificial intelligence (AI) in many ways. Call centers to deploy AI-based chatbots to improve customer interactions. Banks and financial institutions use d...

4 Ways IoT Messaging Innovation Will Transform Connected Cars

In this article, Akamai Senior Product Architect Mark Ingerman identifies the top challenges auto manufacturers face related to connected car messaging speed, volume and cellular bandwidth. He offe...
Image of two buildings wearing glasses thinking about a complicated math problem, a play on "Smart Buildings"

Smarter Buildings With BACnet, Model-Based Analytics and Service Transparency

The New Deal is built on three critically important building blocks: BACnet open standard (the foundation of the Industrial IoT (IIoT)), model-based analytics, and service transparency. The object...
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