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The Dangers of Autonomous Vehicles: What’s Stopping Self-Driving Cars From Worldwide Adoption

What's holding autonomous vehicles back? Before entering the market, self-driving cars will have to hurdle many issues and dangers, such as cybersecurity.
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What Is Cellular IoT?

You might be unable to answer the question, "what is cellular IoT?" But I'm sure you're familiar with the underlying technology. Cellular networks connect your iPhone to Google...
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Why Connected Cars Are Better

Connected vehicle technology comes with various environmental and highway safety benefits. However, car dealers need to be tech-savvy, and it’s time consuming to develop a connected car.

AI Can Solve Our Driving Dependence — If We Don’t Mess It Up

Today, one only has to step out onto a New York street or fly over LA’s tangled highways to see the problems: auto-clogged roads, low-lying vehicle-fume smog, and barely-moving lines of single driv...

AI is the Foundation of Autonomous Vehicles

The world is changing faster than imagined, and AI is getting smarter with every passing day. Autonomous cars have been recently hitting the headlines and dominating tech-talks.
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How Does Testing for Connected Cars Work?

Connected cars are extremely complex in terms of testing and QA, yet these points cannot be overlooked. The article focuses on the mechanisms of data exchange in connected vehicle technology and li...
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Self-Driving Vehicles: When a Dream Becomes a Nightmare

Rapid advances in self-driving technology have brought completely autonomous vehicles within reach. As Forbes predicts, autonomous cars are just around the corner. 10 million autonomous vehicles e...

16 Questions About Self-Driving Cars, CES Highlights from the Show Floor, and Solving Social...

The following presentation is from Frank Chen of Andreessen Horowitz: “16 Questions About Self-Driving Cars.” The 30 min talk covers the common technical, business, and social questions related to ...
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