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IoT Smart Kitchen

Careful with that! How IoT Is Keeping Children Safe in the Kitchen

More than 300 children in America alone end up in hospital every day with burn injuries sustained in the kitchen. Could edge computing be the missing ingredient to keep our children safe in the kit...
Energy Harvesting

Transforming IoT with Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting technology can help make healthcare, hospitality, retail, smart home, and sports more efficient and sustainable.
IoT Testing

IoT Testing: An Intelligent Approach to Create Smart Homes

IoT-based smart systems at home pose challenges related to data security, access management, compliance, and hardware.
Smart Home Security

Exploring IoT Security in Smart Homes

While IoT has surely made lives easier and more productive, smart devices within these networks, especially in homes, are not without their faults.
LoRa, connectivity

Making Connectivity Accessible for All with LoRa and LoRaWAN

Understand how LoRa and LoRaWAN connectivity can create a safer, more sustainable, and comfortable planet for organizations and end-users.
Pairing IoT Devices

Why Pairing IoT Devices to Things Must be Easy

Anyone should find pairing IoT devices to their networks and other devices as easy as possible, regardless of their technical background.
Space Utilization

Implementing a Space Utilization Solution Using IoT

Use IoT to systematically measure space utilization without the limitations of traditional manual and inaccurate past processes.
Smart Homes

Smart Homes: Worth The Price Tag?

Smart Homes utilize the latest technology and machine learning tools. However, here are five things to consider before making the switch.
Skeumorphic design, Connected Home

Skeuomorphic Design For Connected Home Interfaces

Take a look back at the history of skeuomorphic design for computer interfaces and why it's perfectly suited to creating intuitive interfaces for IoT and connected homes.
Smart Home, DIY, IoT

How to Make an Old Speaker Smart Again

Turn your old speakers into smart speakers with this tutorial!
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