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Scalable Software with Devops for Industrial IoT

The book Design, Launch, and Scale IoT Services introduces many of the key components for launching scalable IoT services. This article is intended as a supplement to this book introducing the key ...
IoT Product Development - 5 Keys to Success

IoT Product Development – 5 Keys to Success

At Link Labs we’ve helped dozens of companies, large and small, create, launch and scale their IoT products. This includes safety-critical systems like, Stanley, Black, and Decker’s Shelter Lock c...
Why the Slow Adoption of IoT? It's Because IoT is Hard

Why the Slow Adoption of IoT? It’s Because IoT is Hard

The adoption of IoT is off to a slow start and there’s a reason — it’s hard. So hard, Gartner predicts through 2018 that 75% of IoT projects will take up to twice as long as planned.

What is an API? – A Simple, Non-Technical Explanation

After all, APIs play an essential role in many of the products and services that we value today because APIs allow different programs to interact with one another.