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Designing and Prototyping for GPS-Based Outdoor Asset Tracking Solutions

Here are a few key user experience questions that designers should ask to best assess how to design an outdoor asset tracking IoT solution.

Design Thinking and IoT: 6 Personas of an IoT Solution

Using design thinking’s six personas, you can build a powerful tool to identify the needs of your IoT solutions.

Top 3 Best Practices for Designing IoT Data Visualizations

Conveying large amounts of data quickly is key to great user experiences, these design practices will help you build user-friendly solutions.

How to Start an IoT Project

Enterprise IoT projects are engineering-heavy and knowing the types of skills needed beforehand makes you more likely to succeed with your project. This article discusses the IoT developer skills n...
Image of Emily Schmittler, Nerdery

Establishing Your Voice and Presence as a Woman in IoT

Principal UX Designer at Nerdery, Emily Schmittler, discusses how women in IoT can bring perspective and humanity into devices that are cold and data-driven by solving real human problems.
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What User Experience Design Means in the Age of Smart Cities

From parking lots that tell us how many spots are available in a parking garage to stop light sensors that allow for better flow of traffic, cities all over the world are making use of IoT in orde...