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Are Wearables the Next Big Thing for AR?

The Dramatic Intrigue of Fashion, Augmented Reality, and Functional Technology (For the purposes of this article, the term augmented reality is used despite mixed reality also playing a part in many of...

Game of Things: GOT vs. IoT Season 1

Ever since I started my job at Leverege, I’ve been immersing myself in the world of IoT. As a non-technical person, I’ve been reading up on and learning about connected devices,...

Amazon Working on First Wearable Device: Alexa-Powered Smart Glasses

Financial times reported today that Amazon is working on it's first ever wearable device - a pair of smart glasses.According to the report, the glasses will allow the user to connect...

Concept For Smart Glasses That Can Control Devices Via Nose Gestures

Computer scientists from KAIST University in South Korea, Keio University in Japan, the University of St Andrews in Scotland and the Georgia Institute of Technology in the US have developed a...