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Telit Partners with Boatrax to Create a First-of-its-kind Smart IoT Boat Monitoring Solution


London, February 14, 2019 – Telit, a global Internet of Things (IoT) enabler, today announced its successful partnership with the vessel tracking company Boatrax. With Telit’s deviceWISE IoT Platform and cellular IoT communication modules, the Miami, Florida-based company created the Boatrax Box, a first-of-its kind monitoring and diagnostic solution that aggregates important data about boat performance and owner behavior in real-time.

Launched in October 2018, the Boatrax Box brings boat owners peace of mind with a smart-boat experience that gets smarter the more it is used. With proprietary algorithms that adapt to the boat operator’s behaviors, it delivers critical information such as location, predictive maintenance alerts and engine diagnostics to ensure top efficiency. Engineered with the MultiTech SocketModem Cell that leverages Telit’s XE910 family of modules, the Boatrax Box is easy to mount and simple to use, while delivering the most comprehensive set of connectivity features in a compact form factor.

“Creating the Boatrax Box was born out of a need for effectiveness and simplicity. During the prototype stage, it was clear we needed an IoT technology partner with device-side capabilities and expertise,’’ said Arturo Malave, CEO and Co-founder, Boatrax. “Telit not only enabled us to design a cloud-based plug-and-play solution that allows owners to monitor and protect their boats remotely but also reduced our time to market.”

“Partnerships are key for providing businesses with best-of-breed IoT solutions that meet their unique needs and goals. With Telit’s technology, Boatrax has a number of different communications networks to pick from, now and in the future—a key characteristic for a tracking solution meant to be mounted on something as mobile as a boat,” said Dennis Kelly, Senior Vice President Sales, Americas, Telit. “It also allows Boatrax to focus on their core competency and powerful differentiator of delivering end-user value.’’

Boatrax will be on hand to demonstrate the capabilities of the Boatrax Box at the Miami International Boat Show, which takes place February 14-18, 2019, at the Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin, Virginia Key, Florida. A live demonstration will be in tent C, booth C452.

For more information on the Boatrax use case, visit:

About Boatrax

Boatrax is a unique IoT platform capable to connect boat owners to their vessels in real-time using a proprietary IoT gateway that reads and stores all data coming from the engine devices and sensors connected to the boat. The company services boaters who want to streamline their vessel management. With two main categories including boat clubs/charter owners who are renting their boats, and private owners who want more control over maintenance and usage reporting of their vessel, Boatrax redefines IoT for the recreational boating industry offering OEM solutions to manufacturers and dealers who want to transform and create a innovative statement within the industry.

About Telit

Telit (AIM: TCM), is a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement, with an extensive portfolio of wireless connectivity modules, platforms, virtual cellular IoT operator services, and professional services, empowering hundreds of millions of connected ‘things’ to date, and trusted by thousands of direct and indirect customers, globally.  With nearly two decades of IoT innovation experience, Telit continues to redefine the boundaries of digital business, by delivering secure, integrated end-to-end IoT solutions for many of the world’s largest brands, including enterprises, OEMs, system integrators and service providers across all industries, enabling their pursuit of enterprise digital transformation.

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