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IoT-enabled airline crew management solutions automate crew pairing and rostering to improve crew performance and increase operational efficiency.

Airline Crew Management

IoT-enabled airline crew management solutions automate crew pairing and rostering to improve crew performance and increase operational efficiency.

What is Airline Crew Management?

IoT-enabled airline crew management solutions automate and simplify the crew pairing and rostering processes to improve crew performance, increase operational efficiency, and enable increased visibility into crew trends and fatigue.

Value Proposition

Crew-related expenses, including pilots and flight attendants, are the second greatest cost to airline operations. And according to a study by Dartmouth, advance planning and improved scheduling practices could reduce delays by as much as 30 percent, and with delays costing the average passenger plane $75.24 per minute, there’s a big incentive to take off on time.

Crew planning and scheduling is one of the most complex process in airline operations. Creating one to five day itineraries, selecting and assigning crew while managing fatigue, licenses and certifications, and ensuring compliance with aviation legislation and contracts, is a process that, when done manually, once took six to eight people over the course of several weeks.

How it Works

IoT provides an opportunity for airlines to gather additional data on fatigue and performance to make optimal assignments, report on crew behavior and trends, and help managers pinpoint the causes of delays. With the addition of machine learning technologies, airline crew management solutions can make real-time decisions based on the past and current performance of crews to better balance crew performance and satisfaction.

Key Benefits of IoT-Enabled Airline Crew Management

  • Reduce crew-related delays and ensure compliance with legislation and crew contracts.
  • Improve operational efficiency associated with the crew pairing and rostering processes.
  • Track crew fatigue and prevent over-assigning or under-assigning crew members.


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