Construction Crew Management

    Illustration: © IoT For All

    Construction crew management leverages IoT-enabled devices, like wearables, to monitor the location and status of members of construction crews, as well as to instantly communicate alerts to hazards or events on-site.

    Construction sites vary greatly in size and can sometimes have multiple crew members operating heavy machinery on different tasks in different areas – making communication imperative to ensuring the safety of the crew. And with some construction sites operating across multiple buildings and floors, keeping track of everyone can be difficult, meaning that if there is a dangerous event or injury, getting help can take precious time.

    And onsite injuries are expensive. In 2017, the average cost of construction site injury requiring medical attention was $39,000, not including the cost of property damage or citations. The average cost per fatality was $1.15 million.

    Construction crew management solutions help ensure crew safety by monitoring individual crew members’ locations and vitals, and enabling them to quickly communicate and share their status and location, even if a phone is out of reach or unavailable.

    Wearables for construction crews may include sensors secured to clothing, worn around the wrist, or even as glasses – providing additional information to the crew member completely hands-free.

    Construction crew management solutions can also provide managers with insights on crew behavior, even when a supervisor isn’t present in order to help support cohesion to safety guidelines and quickly alert supervisors to dangerous conditions or accidents.

    Key Benefits of IoT-Enabled Construction Crew Management

    • Stay informed on where crew members are working and quickly get a headcount of how many people are on a site.
    • Send and receive real-time alerts to unsafe conditions or accidents.