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IoT driver behavior management solutions monitor driving practices in order to increase safety and efficiency in the operation of a vehicle.

Driver Behavior Management

IoT driver behavior management solutions monitor driving practices in order to increase safety and efficiency in the operation of a vehicle.

What is IoT-Enabled Driver Behavior Management?

Driver behavior management solutions use IoT-enabled sensors to monitor real-time driving behavior. These solutions are used to measure and monitor driver safety and vehicle efficiency across more than a few industries, for example, to reduce operating costs in automotive fleets or to calculate premiums in usage-based insurance plans.

Value Proposition

The most obvious application for driver behavior management is to reduce accidents, especially in company-owned vehicles that spend a lot of time on the road, fleets being a perfect example. With more than 90 percent of all automotive accidents caused, at least in part, by human error, targeting potentially dangerous driver behavior is a great place to start.

Driver management solutions monitor behaviors like rapid acceleration, inefficient or sudden braking, and high-speed turns or jerks on the wheel to measure drivers’ alertness and general safety while driving. By monitoring driving behavior over time, these solutions can alert drivers and managers to issues like fatigue or unsafe conditions and chart a driver’s improvement to adjust insurance premiums and allow fleet managers more visibility into the performance of their drivers.

Besides safety, driver behavior management solutions can help automotive fleets lower fuel and operating costs. Fuel costs account for up to 60 percent of a logistics fleet’s budget, meaning that it is often where fleets look to save money. Driver behavior, especially excessive idling, can influence fuel efficiency by up to 30 percent.

Driver behavior management solutions allow supervisors to remotely monitor the performance of drivers, optimizing their performance to reduce fuel costs and increasing the safety of their drivers on the road.

How it Works

Driver behavior management solutions can be configured to identify and track sudden acceleration or braking, speeding, high-speed turning, frequent stopping, and slow driving on a per-driver basis. Supervisors can use these reports to track individual driver’s performance, identify fatigued drivers, and flag unsafe driving practices.

Key Benefits of IoT-Enabled Driver Behavior Management

  • Detect and identify fatigued drivers before an accident occurs.
  • Ensure that drivers are performing at their best to increase safety on the road.
  • Optimize driving performance to increase fuel efficiency and lower fuel costs.
  • Track driving behaviors over time to measure and reward improvement.


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