Field Service Fleet Management

    Illustration: © IoT For All

    Field service fleet management solutions automate back-office processes and collect data on dispatches to increase efficiency and overall performance in field service businesses. With the IoT fleet management market growing to a worth of 8.28 billion by 2021, field service management may prove a great benefactor of this new technology.

    These systems allow businesses to automate time-consuming processes to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. Additionally, these systems allow businesses the ability to gather data on dispatches to gain greater visibility on staff performance and efficiency to improve service quality and customer experience.

    IoT-enabled field service management solutions automate back-office processes, including assignment and dispatch of service requests, equipment and inventory management, and billing and collection. By automating these processes, businesses can eliminate opportunities for human error and move their staff onto more engaging tasks.

    Solutions also monitor the location and performance of equipment, track the efficiency of employees, and can give customers real-time updates on requests, enabling managers to gain greater visibility into the overall performance of staff and equipment, prevent equipment theft or loss, and better plan maintenance schedules to prevent unscheduled downtime.

    Key Benefits of IoT-Enabled Field Service Fleet Management

    • Monitor and track employee performance by gathering additional data on individual dispatches, including the duration of the job and customer satisfaction.
    • Increase operational costs and lower overhead by automating time-consuming processes, enabling staff to focus on more important tasking.