Precise Customer Tracking

    Illustration: © IoT For All

    Precise customer tracking uses IoT-enabled stationary sensors or leverages customers’ mobile phones to track their route through brick and mortar stores. Customer tracking solutions allow stores to optimize floor layout, product positioning, and measure the success of promotions and in-store campaigns.

    Brick and mortar stores still account for more than 88 percent of total sales but are handicapped in their knowledge of their customer. Whereas e-commerce stores have access to a potential customer’s browsing history, basic demographics, and past exposure and interaction with ads, physical retailers only collect information at the point of sale – usually through loyalty programs.

    Precise customer tracking solutions allow retailers to not only collect information on overall patterns of traffic but analyze individual customer journeys to see where customers dropped off or made the decision to purchase. 

    Customer tracking solutions consist of either stationary sensors, like cameras, to measure general traffic patterns and gather a headcount of customers in the store or use customer’s smartphones (usually via GPS or Wifi) to track customers’ progress through a store.

    Key Benefits of IoT-Enabled Precise Customer Tracking

    • Learn how customers navigate your store, which aisles or sections are most popular, and where in-store navigation or directions are failing potential customers.
    • Learn the demographics of your customers – including when during the day and week they’re most likely to come to your store.
    • Measure and monitor the success of the store organization and in-store promotions and advertisements.