Retail Crew Efficiency

    Illustration: © IoT For All

    Retail crew efficiency solutions utilize IoT-enabled devices, like cameras and sensors, to monitor the location and behaviors of retail staff in order to identify bottlenecks in processes, increase efficiency, and improve the overall customer experience.

    According to a 2018 report by Adyen, long lines in retail stores cost US retailers $37.7 billion in sales each year, as customers abandon their purchases for wait times more than five minutes. Retailers can implement in-store changes to help distract customers while they’re waiting in line, but there’s no better solution than reducing checkout lines – a difficult task when the average turnover rate in retail is 60 percent, adding an additional cost to retraining incoming employees.

    Retail crew efficiency solutions allow companies to identify potential issues in their operations – where their staff’s productivity is bottlenecked and allow them to refocus their staff’s time in order to create seamless customer experiences that increase satisfaction and sales.

    IoT retail solutions can accurately monitor and predict waiting times, preventing some of the frustrations customers face when waiting for checkout or customer service. Through cameras and systems designed to recognize facial expressions, systems can spot lost or dissatisfied customers and immediately send help.

    Key Benefits of IoT-Enabled Retail Crew Efficiency Management

    • Improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times.
    • Increase operational efficiency to free up staff to spend more time helping customers.