Truck Yard Management

    Illustration: © IoT For All

    Truck yard management uses IoT-enabled sensors and technology to monitor, manage, and automate the processes involved in managing truck yards and docks, including loading and unloading, assigning docks, and monitoring truck movement.

    Manual monitoring and scheduling of gates, trucks, and trailers is costly both in manpower and in time. Organizations performing manual yard checks often do so on pen and paper, spending hours comparing new reports to previous findings.

    Truck yard management solutions seek to increase visibility into the daily operations of the truck yard like awaiting freight and trailers, occupied and unoccupied loading docks, and delays getting in and out of the yard.

    These solutions improve the efficiency of daily truck yard operations by tracking trucks and trailers, automatically assigning docks and time slots, and monitoring yard access and movement in real-time to increase operating efficiency and ensure worker safety.

    Key Benefits of IoT-Enabled Truck Yard Management

    • Minimize truck downtime with automatic shipment rescheduling.
    • Reduce yard congestion and time spent queueing at the gate by optimizing delivery schedules and dock assignment.